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  • How do I get more Scrolls of Wisdom? Scrolls drop on the ground, but an easy way to pick up a few extras in the early game is to sell a Blacksmith's Whetstone or Orb of Transmutation to a vendor. You can also sell white-rarity items for a Scroll Fragment, five of which will combine themselves into a Scroll of Wisdom (but you'll only want to do this at the very very beginning of the game; selling transmutes or whetstones is much more efficient).
  • Where's the Tidal Island? It's a side area of its own located off The Coast, the third area you'll find (just after Lioneye's Watch, the first town). Head southeast from the Waypoint along The Coast.
  • Is there a Waypoint in [Insert Zone Here]? Check your Map by pressing [u]. Zones that have a Waypoint will show a light blue dot that is small if you have not yet found their Waypoint, or larger if you have found it.
  • What's this Corrupted item I found? "Corrupted" is a mod you'll find on certain items. It means that you can't use currency items, or most other means, to further modify an item. In and of itself, Corruption is a negative effect in that you cannot improve an item, but the process of Corrupting an item can apply potentially very powerful bonuses to it. You should not Corrupt items yourself with a Vaal Orb currency item until you know what you're doing, but you may find items pre-corrupted and you won't hurt yourself by using them if they're good equipment.
  • Can I get other Skills besides the ones from quests? Yes, you can, to a point. Various NPCs sell gems based on the quests you've completed so far. Eventually, once you've completed the Act 3 quest "A Fixture of Fate", you'll be able to buy most gems from a vendor.
  • Can I see why I died? Not directly. Path of Exile does not have a "death log" that shows why you died, but often asking chat why and giving a description of the situation you were in is enough for veteran players to recognize common situations.
  • What's a Trial of Ascendancy? Trials are covered in the Act 3 section of this guide. If you just want to know what to do with them: enter, reach the end, and clear the plaque at the end to complete them for later rewards.
  • Is there any reason not to level a gem? If you have the required Attributes and level to do so, then generally speaking no. You will want to level your main skills as you go. (There are some exceptions to this, most notably around the Cast When Damage Taken Support, discussed in the Act 4 section of the guide when you can first access it.) However, it is possible to over-level a gem if you're using equipment that provides Attributes which you then remove. Which brings us to:
  • Can I un-level a gem? Yes. Sell the Gem to a vendor along with an Orb of Scouring to remove 1 level from it, or along with an Orb of Regret to remove all levels from it. (Any Quality on the Gem is preserved.)
  • Can I hide the gem level-up popup? Yes. Just right-click the button you'd normally left-click to hide the level-up prompt. You can level the gem later from the bottom of your inventory pane.
  • Why is half my mana blocked off? Most likely, you selected - and have toggled on - an Aura or Herald skill. These skills "Reserve" a portion of your mana as their cost to stay active; that mana will be unavailable as long as the skill is toggled on. Linking support gems to such a skill can increase its mana reservation.
  • What does this card do? You've found, most likely, a Divination Card - it'll have a picture on it and a counter like 1/9 or 1/5. Collect a full set of these cards to earn a reward! Divination Cards are discussed in more detail in the Act 4 section of the guide.