Endgame Bosses

Show 'em Who's Boss

No endgame would be complete without some epic final bosses, and Path of Exile has quite a few. Some of them can be done early in your progression through the Atlas, but most are done much later, often with fairly specialized builds.

This is not an exhaustive list, and most Leagues also add additional endgame bosses as part of their content.

There are significant spoilers ahead! Be warned!

These bosses are (mostly) fought through special Map portals, and the usual map rules apply - 6 entry portals, and no more. If you die to them too many times, you can lose your chance and have to collect the items to open a new portal once again. It's a good idea to research the mechanics of these bosses before attempting them for yourself.

In rough order of ascending difficulty (although this depends enormously on your build), they are:

Atziri, Queen of the Vaal

The Vaal shall never fear the setting of our sun.

Hey, remember those Vaal side areas you kept running in to while you were leveling? Seemed sort of weird, considering that the Vaal vanished something like 2,000 years before PoE's story is set, right?

Well...it turns out the Vaal are Not Quite Dead. In fact, Queen Atziri is still kicking in a pocket dimension, and she and her fanatical followers are more than happy to show you why the Vaal were the dominant civilization on Wraeclast for centuries.

To reach the Apex of Sacrifice and fight Atziri, you'll need to collect the four Sacrifice Fragments from Vaal side areas (or from using the common Divination Card "Her Mask"). Once you have the Sacrifice at Dawn, Noon, Dusk, and Midnight fragments, place them into your map device so that they form a circle to open the map to Atziri.

Lesser Breachlords

Xoph, Dark Embers (Fire)

Upon the grey winds his love spreads.

Esh, Forked Thought (Lightning)

When she of many mouths spoke, we bowed in awe and were crushed.

Tul, Creeping Avalanche (Cold)

We dance in the white, like water, colliding as many and emerging as one.

Fighting your way through Breaches, which you'll find in Maps, can yield splinters associated with the type of Breach you found: Splinters of Xoph from fire Breaches, Splinters of Esh from lightning Breaches, and Splinters of Tul from cold Breaches.

Once you've collected 100 of the appropriate Splinter, you'll be rewarded with a Breachstone, which opens a portal to the appropriate Breachlord's domain.

Once inside, you'll have to keep up with a super Breach, killing enemies to stop a timer from ticking down long enough to reach the Breachlord's hideout. Once you've reached the Breachlord, you'll have all the time you want to kill them.

Breachlords usually, though not always, drop one of their Breach type's respective Unique items, and can sometimes drop a Blessing used to upgrade those items into far more powerful versions.

Izaro Phrecius, Eternal Emperor

Shine boldly, so that all may find you when the night falls.

You've met Izaro before, but the last round - in the Eternal Labyrinth, unlocked by completing Trials in Maps - is no walk in the park. Entering the Eternal Labyrinth is not free - you'll need an Offering of the Goddess, found in the Map Trials, for each entry. Die, and you'll need a new one.

The Labyrinth is far longer this time, with new types of trap, some of which are present even during the fights with Izaro. Izaro himself has far more life and damage than the last round in the Merciless Labyrinth, and hits hard enough when empowered to obliterate all but the most durable characters with his major attacks.

Defeat him one last time to earn your final 2 Ascendancy points - and be daring enough to explore the Labyrinth and let Izaro empower himself to access numerous high-end loot chests at the end of the Labyrinth on future runs.

The Pale Council

You do not cease to be when you die, any more than the caterpillar ceases to be when it cocoons. Come, let me show you.

Once in a while, you'll get a Prophecy that is part of a chain, indicated by a Roman numeral after the name of the Prophecy (e.g. "Day of Sacrifice II"). These chains normally have some sort of reward at the end of them, but the most notable chains are the four that lead to the Pale Council.

The Council is composed of four members: the Unbreathing Queen, the Plaguemaw, the Feral Lord, and the Unbearable Whispers. Completing each of these Prophecy chains will earn you the chance to face that member of the Council, who has a chance to drop a special Unique item and who will always drop a Key specific to that boss.

Once you have all four keys, place them in your map device to form a circle to open the way to the Pale Council's hideout, where you'll fight all four Council members as a group.

Elder Guardians

The Eradicator, The Constrictor, The Purifier, The Enslaver

Darkness never stops feeding.

The Elder guardians are encountered in Maps once the Elder's influence over the Atlas - as measured by the number of maps it controls - becomes great enough. Elder Guardians will then replace the bosses of certain maps, with a difficulty that depends on the difficulty of the map in question. They're listed here at their low-tier map difficulty, but they are much harder in higher-tier maps.


Uul-Netol, Unburdened Flesh (Physical)

Our hearts cry out, but are silenced by our flesh, so we give up our flesh.

As with the earlier Breahlords, Uul-Netol's Domain is accessed by collecting 100 Splinters of Uul-Netol and completing the super-Breach inside. Uul-Netol is rarer, and more difficult, than the lesser Breachlords.

Breachlords usually, though not always, drop one of their Breach type's respective Unique items, and can sometimes drop a Blessing used to upgrade those items into far more powerful versions.

Guardians of the Void

Guardians of the Chimaera, Phoenix, Hydra, and Minotaur

One of my captors hid a beast within his heart. Now his true self can be seen by all.

One of my captors refused redemption. He did not see value in a new life. Now new life surrounds him.

One of my captors wore many faces, yet kept her true face hidden. Now she cannot escape her true face.

One of my captors felt no emotion. He did not hesitate to inflict pain. Now all he feels is intense, unstoppable agony.

The Guardians of the Void (aka Shaper Guardians) are the bosses of the Tier 16 maps located near the center of the Atlas. They are the most powerful of the Shaper's servants and are difficult endgame bosses in their own right.

Each of the Guardians drops a Fragment. Once you have all four, you can access the Shaper himself at the center of the Atlas.

The Elder

They hoped that, trapped in its prison, the creature would age and perish. But time would not touch the fiend.

The Elder can be encountered in various tiers of map, and his difficulty scales with what tier you fight him in. You must defeat all four of his Guardians before he will appear.

Once his guardians are defeated and his influence on the Atlas covers at least 20 maps, the Elder will appear in one of them to be fought. His drops are unique, but vary depending on the tier in which he's fought.

Greater Breachlord

Chayula, Who Dreamt (Chaos)

They grow fat and ripe in slumber. To be fed upon when he wakes.

Chayula is the last and by far the hardest of the five Breachlords. As with his lesser counterparts, he can be accessed by collecting 100 Splinters of Chayula, using the resulting Breachstone in the map device, and completing the super-Breach inside.

Breachlords usually, though not always, drop one of their Breach type's respective Unique items, and can sometimes drop a Blessing used to upgrade those items into far more powerful versions.

Uber Atziri

I do not believe in hiding my displeasure.

This lady really will not stay dead, will she?

Each time you defeat the regular version of Atziri in the Apex of Sacrifice, there's a chance that a Mortal fragment will drop. Once you have all four of them - Mortal Rage, Mortal Ignorance, Mortal Grief, and Mortal Hope - you can open a portal to the Alluring Abyss and face Uber Atziri.

Uber Atziri's mechanics are similar to her basic version, but greatly empowered, and with a number of new wrinkles to contend with.

The Shaper

Curiosity is followed by ambition. Ambition is followed by madness.

The Shaper is one of the two entities, along with the Elder, vying for control over the Atlas of Worlds. He was once the final and most difficult fight in Path of Exile, and is required to access the current final boss.

To access the Shaper, you'll need the four Fragments from the Shaper Guardians located in the Tier 16 maps near the center of the Atlas. Each fragment, in itself, requires defeating a respectable endgame boss, and the Shaper is much harder than any of them.

Uber Elder

One by one, they stood their ground against a creature they had no hope of understanding, let alone defeating, and, one by one, they became a part of it.

The Uber Elder is the last and hardest of Path of Exile's bosses, and can be accessed only after completing the rest of the Atlas quest chain and defeating the Shaper at least once. The Elder may then influence The Shaper's Realm, taking control of The Shaper in the process, and the Uber Elder fight effectively combines the two bosses.

Each of the Elder and the Shaper are difficult bosses in their own right. Together, they're a force for only the best-equipped, best-prepared, and most boss-suited characters - and even then, it's a challenging fight. Good luck.

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