Farming & Gearing Up

Mo' Chaos Orbs, Mo' Problems

At this point you've reached the endgame, and you're ready to get started with your progression through the Atlas and the various endgame bosses.

If you're playing in solo-self-found mode (which is quite difficult relative to the main game), you'll have to find all your equipment yourself. But if you aren't, and you probably aren't, your first priority at this stage is to build up enough money to buy yourself some basic items for your build.

The Chaos Recipe

(and its Regal and Exalted Shard recipe cousins)

We discussed vendor recipes earlier in the guide, back in Act 2. At the time, we covered the ones that are most relevant to a new player, but there's one more worth talking about now that can play a part in early gearing.

Selling a full set (meaning one for each equipment slot, including either two one-handed, one two-handed, or a one-handed weapon and a shield) of rare (yellow) items to a vendor will yield a currency item, depending on the level of the lowest item in the set:

  • If the lowest item is below Item Level 60, it will result in an Orb of Chance.
  • If the lowest item is between Item Levels 60 and 74, it will result in a Chaos Orb.
  • If the lowest item is Item Level 75 or above, it will result in a Regal Orb.

You should be working on early maps at this point, which drop items in the high 60s. That means that right now, you'll be completing the Chaos Orb recipe - each set you collect guarantees you a Chaos Orb, which is a typical price for a decent-but-common item.

My recommendation at this point is to farm up 20 or 25 Chaos Orbs this way, then:

Go Shopping!

Your Guided Build, if you're following one, contains some recommended Unique items to look at (although some of them are good more for leveling than they are at this stage of the game). In addition to some of those build-specific uniques, there are a number of general items worth shopping for at this stage:

  • A 6-link chestpiece (or two-handed weapon, if you're using one). Adding a 5th and 6th link to your main skill will increase your damage dramatically, probably by something in the neighborhood of 60-80% More damage. This is by far the largest multiplier on your damage output you can get with the Guided Builds provided, since they're designed not to depend on specific uniques. Expect to spend ~15-20 Chaos Orbs on one with mediocre-to-bad stats on it, although good 6-links can go for orders of magnitude more. 6-links vendor for a Divine Orb, so there's a pretty strict floor on their possible price, and you should not expect to find one much cheaper than this.
  • Good Jewels. The Guided Builds mostly avoid Jewel sockets for simplicity and cost, but in most builds you do not want to do this and once you're past level 80 with your Guided Build it's a good idea to pick up any Jewel sockets you can get for 2 points from your existing paths. Jewels are much better than standard Passive effects: you'll want one with % Maximum Life (it varies from 5-7%) and another relevant stat (% Increased Damage that works with your main skill, Critical Strike Chance or Multiplier if that's useful for your build, etc). Expect to spend a Chaos Orb or two for each such Jewel, for a total of maybe 5-10 if your build has access to many sockets.
  • A new weapon. The exact stats you're looking for on your weapon can be found in the various Guided Build writeups, but you're likely going to be able to pick up a big upgrade here at relatively low cost. Spend maybe 5-10 Chaos Orbs here to start, there'll be significant diminishing returns after that price.

Go To It!

The guide pauses at this point. Go farm up some Chaos Orbs and enjoy your first couple tiers of maps; come back once you've geared up a little and gotten the hang of the Map system.

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