Create Your Character

Let's Get Going

At this point, you're ready to actually make your character and get in-game.

Fire up Path of Exile and log in to your account. You'll find yourself on your Character list screen, which should be empty for a new account. Press the "Create" button, and you'll be prompted to pick a League, which you should have chosen in the previous section.

In the image below, the current Challenge League is "Incursion". If you're following this guide later in the game's history, your screen may look somewhat different, and will probably include different Challenge Leagues.

Once you've chosen a League, you'll be asked to pick a Class. Remember, at this point you choose only your basic class, and not your Ascendancy - for example, if you're playing an Elementalist build, you'll choose a Witch at this point (not an Elementalist).

Choose a name and hit "Ok", and you'll end up in-game on the Twilight Strand (hey! that's the name of the guide!)

If you're following a Guided Build, now is the time to choose one and open that build's guide to use during the leveling process. Otherwise, continue to the Act 1 guide, where we'll cover some basic controls and get started.

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