Twilight Strand

Updates for Patch 3.8 are underway.

Welcome to Twilight Strand, a beginner's guide for newbies to Path of Exile. This site is meant to give new players enough information to get on their feet in the very complex world of PoE: it is by no means an exhaustive guide to all of PoE's mechanics and will not cover every possible exception and interaction in the game.

This guide is meant to be worked through more or less linearly, from the top pages to the bottom, with the exception of the compiled Mechanics Reference and FAQ pages listed at the end. If you've already decided to play Path of Exile, you can start with "Using This Guide" - if you're trying to decide whether it's the game for you, though, start with "Should I Play?" before moving on. Diablo players may want to take a look at "For Diablo Players" specifically.

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Recent Updates

September 11

  • Initial Blight League page is up.

September 7

  • New section: "Homebrewing A Build", for players who want to forge their own path.
  • Major updates for the release of Patch 3.8.
  • Reworks to class descriptions.
  • Numerous text cleanups throughout the guide
  • Guided builds are not yet updated, but all but the Occultist and Guardian should be playable with current mechanics.

July 5

  • Visual improvements, including getting rid of the white sidebar. If you still see white, hard refresh (ctrl + F5) to get the new CSS.
  • Fixed some scattered typos.

July 3

  • Added the revamped Guided Gladiator, a Bleedsplosion Lacerate build.

June 17

  • Misc oversights and fixes.

June 16

  • Added the revamped Guided Guardian, with a focus on Sentinel minions and the option to use Necromantic Aegis or not.

June 15

  • Added the revamped Guided Chieftain, with a Phys->Fire conversion core built around Infernal Blow and Ancestral Totems.
  • Clarified some language on the "More vs Increased" page.

June 13

  • Added the revamped Guided Deadeye, with a generic Physical/Impale core built around Rain of Arrows.

June 11

  • Added the revamped Guided Saboteur, now with a generic Trap core built around Arc/Lightning Spire.

June 10

  • Added the revamped Guided Occultist, now with options for four different skill cores (Blight, Bane, ED+Contagion, and Blight).

June 8

  • Added initial info about Legions.
  • Added note about early movement skills.

June 7

  • Pre-3.7 update
    • Major updates to Guided Builds are in progress (for real this time). I'm going to cut down the number of guided builds to allow more nimble updates in the future.
    • Legion mechanics will be added in a day or two once we've had a chance to learn about them.
  • Added a new Mechanics Reference page on Keystones.
  • Updated the Utility Effects page to discuss the new Guard skills.
  • Moved away from an exhaustive list of Movement skills, as there are now too many to reasonably keep up-to-date.
  • Changed Ascendancy descriptions to better match 3.7 reworks.
  • Loads of minor updates. 12 Incursions, not 11; Prophecy drops are now available from all Prophecy mobs, and so on. Over a hundred pages have gotten minor tweaks.

March 17

  • Mechanics updates for Patch 3.6.
  • New page for Synthesis League.
  • Lots of screenshots added for clarity.

January 6

  • The Past Leagues page in the Mechanics Reference has been updated to include Delve and the new fates of the Bestiary and Incursion league mechanics.

December 29

  • Guided Builds are fully up-to-date, and should be a lot better than their old versions.
  • The Guardian has been redone ground-up as a Sentinel melee minion build.
  • The Hierophant, Inquisitor, Chieftain, Berserker, and Juggernaut have been updated for patch changes.
  • Added a new page in the epilogue with suggested optimizations to the Guided Builds.

December 28

  • The whole site now has a proper URL! No more nonsense; everything can be linked to simply as
  • Guided Build updates - more goodness! Less badness!
  • Several builds have been completely redone ground-up:
    • The Guided Assassin is now a Viper Strike build.
    • The Guided Trickster is now a Caustic Arrow build.
    • The Guided Deadeye is now an Elemental Hit build.
    • The Guided Pathfinder is now a Toxic Rain/Herald of Agony build.
  • Others have simply been lightly updates for recent patch changes. The Saboteur, Raider, Slayer, Champion, and Gladiator have been updated this way.
  • The remaining builds will be updated in the next few days if all goes as planned.

December 24

  • Updated the Elementalist Guided Build for 3.5. Necromancer was already good, so just some minor updates there.

December 23

  • Merry Christmas, everyone! I am alive and well after some crazy times the last few months - thank you to everyone who donated during that time, even if it was only a few bucks. It made a big difference.
  • Major updates, mostly due to mechanics changes for Patch 3.5:
    • Damage mechanics updated to include the new Damage over Time Multipliers.
    • League page updated for Betrayal
    • Major updates throughout the guide to incorporate the new Master system and remove references to the old one. Each Master now has their own introductory page in the appropriate Act.
    • Heralds of Agony and Purity are now covered on the Heralds page
    • Movement Skills have been updated for the mechanics changes for 3.5
    • Major updates to the Atlas pages for Betrayal mechanics
  • Numerous typos and minor errors fixed throughout the guide, some of them somewhat silly.
  • Guided Builds are still in the process of being reworked. So far only the Occultist has gotten a proper pass; I'm aiming to get through all eighteen by the new year.

Oct 1

  • Guided Builds updates:
    • Occultist, Elementalist, Necromancer, and Assassin

Sept 4

  • Updated 'Current League' page with more details on Delves.

August 31

  • Delve League is now covered in its most basic form, with further updates to come once the League has been out for a while.
  • Incursion League's page has been moved to a new 'Outdated Pages' section. Future deprecated pages can be found there if you have some need of them in the future.
  • Updated pages on various mechanics for 3.4 patch changes, particularly Movement Skills.
  • Guided Builds have not been updated yet; that's going to wait for a week or so. Most of them should still be playable with at most minor alterations, however.
  • Numerous minor fixes and edits suggested by readers. Thanks for your continued vigilance!

August 7

  • Fixed an error in the Raider Guided Build
  • Misc grammar cleanup
  • Added note to Mechanics Reference about crits usually rolling only once per attack.

August 1

  • Added a section on Incursion Flashback to the 'Current League' page.

July 30th

  • Added a page on Incursion mechanics to the Act 1 guide.
  • Added a page on League-specific drops to the Epilogue.
  • Added a page explaining past League mechanics to the Mechanics Reference.

July 25th

  • Added Flame Dash to the Movement Skills page by popular demand.
  • Every page of the main guide now links to the next one.
  • Fixed some more buggy white-on-white pages. If you see a blank section, try highlighting it; it probably has text there. Please let me know if you find such a section.

July 18th

  • Numerous fixes thanks to extensive feedback from /u/viperesque on Reddit.
  • Formatting has been a bit wonky, but I think the white-on-white sections have been fixed now. If you see any "missing" sections, please let me know via Reddit or email (see the Contact page).

July 17th

  • By popular demand, changed the color scheme for the whole site, replacing white backgrounds with the color you see here. This is now the Twilight Strand, not the Blazing Eye-Burning White Strand.
  • We have a proper URL! It won't display when you're actually on the site, but now redirects here for easier linking.
  • I'm in the process of adding "next page" links to the pages of the main guide, as requested by several users. This has to be done by hand, so it will take a bit.
  • Added the new TTS FAQ macros, a set of prefab explanations that you can type out in-game using short hotstrings (rather than typing the same long explanation twelve thousand times).
  • Added a page on Heralds to the Act 2 Guide.
  • Added PoELab to the Links page
  • Fixed numerous minor errors, thanks to the watchful eyes of early readers. Thank you all so much for your help in catching them!