Late Act 1,

FAQ Part 2

Moving Right Along

At this point you're almost ready to complete Act 1. If you're following one of the Guided Builds, you'll have your core skills available by the end of the Act, although you'll continue to add secondary skills later in the game.

The Rest of Act 1

Once you've beaten Brutus, you can exit the Prison behind him and continue with the rest of Act 1. Although your original goal was to enter the Forest, you'll find yourself blocked off, and have to take the long way around. The rest of Act 1 concerns your quest to find your way into the forest and the heart of the ruined Eternal Empire...

  • The Way Forward (Can't Be Completed Yet): The way to the forest is quickly blocked after you leave Brutus' Prison. You'll need to find a way around - you can't actually complete this quest for a reward until Act 2.
  • The Marooned Mariner (Effectively Mandatory): You'll need to find the Ship Graveyard Cave (which is, unsurprisingly, located in the Ship Graveyard), find the quest item inside it, and return to Fairgraves in the Ship Graveyard. This quest isn't required for story advancement, but it provides a Passive Skill Point, making it effectively mandatory.
  • The Siren's Cadence (Mandatory): Find and kill Merveil, the final boss of Act 1. Merveil is located in the Cavern of Anger, which you'll find by progressing linearly through the Ship Graveyard and Cavern of Wrath. Entering the Cavern of Wrath will make Nessa offer you a Skill Gem, and defeating Merveil will open the way to Act 2.

FAQ, Part 2

Questions you might have before the end of Act 1. All FAQs can be found on the main FAQ page, but are included here within the guide at the rough points where you might encounter them.

  • Is there any reason not to level a gem? If you have the required Attributes and level to do so, then generally speaking no. You will want to level your main skills as you go. However, it is possible to over-level a gem if you're using equipment that provides Attributes which you then remove. There are other reasons not to level one, but they are few and far between.
  • Can I un-level a gem? Yes. Sell the Gem to a vendor along with an Orb of Scouring to remove 1 level from it, or along with an Orb of Regret to remove all levels from it. (Any Quality on the Gem is preserved.)
  • Can I hide the gem level-up popup? Yes. Just right-click the button you'd normally left-click to hide the level-up prompt. You can level the gem later from the bottom of your inventory pane.

The End of Act 1

The guide pauses here: go check the 'Late Act 1' section of your Guided Build before moving on. Return to the guide once you've defeated Merveil.

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