Local & Global Mods

What the Heck Does "Global" Mean?

In Path of Exile, modifiers can take one of two forms.

Most modifiers are Global, meaning they apply a stat to your character. For example, the stats on your Passive tree are always Global: a node on your Passive tree that says 10% Increased Physical Damage will increase any and all Physical damage you do the same way.

On the other hand, a few modifiers are Local: they apply only to the item from which they're derived. Most commonly, Local modifiers are found on equipment, where they modify the stats of the equipment (and do not directly modify your stats at all). For example, if an armour piece gives 300 Evasion and has a local modifier of 50% Increased Evasion Rating on it, it will give 450 Evasion instead of 300. That 450 Evasion is on the armor, and thus to your character is base evasion that will be separately multiplied by any of your global Increased Evasion Rating modifiers.

Note that this is the only meaning of Global in Path of Exile. In particular, it does not have anything to do with types of Attack or Spell, as some new players mistakenly assume.

How Can I Tell Whether a Modifier Is Global or Local?

In the easiest cases, the mod will say it outright: any modifier that says that it is Global is. Conversely, if a stat on an item is affected by a Local modifier, it will be highlighted in blue instead of the usual white text.

Aside from that, here are some general rules of thumb:

  • If a stat depends on a condition, it is generally Global unless stated otherwise. For example, "100% Increased Evasion while On Low Life" is a Global modifier, even if it appears on a piece of equipment that gives Evasion in its own right.
  • If a stat could affect the item it is on, it's probably local. For example, if a weapon has a % Increased Physical Damage modifier, that modifier is probably local: it increases the damage of the weapon and not of you. It would not, for example, affect a Spell's Physical damage. A non-exhaustive list:
    • Added Damage on weapons, whether Physical or Elemental, is almost always Local.
    • Increased Physical Damage on weapons is always Local.
    • Increased non-Physical Damage on weapons is always Global.
    • Increased Critical Strike Chance or Attack Speed on weapons is always Local unless stated otherwise.
    • Increased or Additional Defenses (Armour/Evasion/Energy Shield) on armour are always Local.
  • Modifiers from Jewellery are almost always Global.
  • Effects from Gems are almost always Local unless the gem applies a buff. For example, if a Minion gem says "20% Increased Minion Life", it's referring specifically to Minions summoned by that gem, not to all your minions. Similarly, Support gems only apply a modifier to the skills they're linked to, and not you directly.

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