Raise Your Weapon

Weapons are usually the largest source of damage from your equipment, so it's important to pick one that works. The individual Guided Build guides cover the needs of each build in more detail, but this page is for general advice on what to look for in a weapon.

Melee Weapons

Good melee weapons usually come in one of two primary forms:

  • A large % Increased Physical Damage modifier and a large Adds X-Y Physical Damage modifier. These weapons are used in builds that scale Physical damage: there's a lot of available % Increased Physical Damage on the tree, so increases to your weapon's physical damage can be multiplied by a lot.
  • A lot of added Elemental damage and a fast Attack Speed (greater than about 1.5 attacks per second). These weapons are usually used in builds centered around Critical Strike, because those builds don't have the points to spare to scale Physical damage and a weapon can have far more base Elemental damage than it can base Physical damage.

Most newbie-oriented builds will lean towards the Physical option, since good Critical Strike setups are best played with middling to good gear.

Caster Weapons

Good caster weapons, on the other hand, are about one thing: large increases to the damage of your primary spell. Usually this comes in the form of mods like Adds X-Y Fire damage to Spells or % Increased Spell Damage, although it can also come in the form of modifiers to Cast Speed or Global Critical Strike Chance.

For a newbie, your best bet is generally to look for Added Damage to Spells and % Increased Spell (or Fire, Lightning, Cold, etc.) damage.

Note that if a weapon says "Adds X-Y Cold damage" (and does not say "...to Spells"), that damage is added to the weapon's own damage and will not affect your Spells. Also note that you can dual-wield wands, one in each hand, but you cannot mix wands with a melee weapon in the other hand.

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