Early Act 2,

FAQ Part 3

The Phrecian Forest

We're just about ready to get started questing through Act 2. Just a few more things, then we'll take the training wheels off for a bit!

Unlike Act 1, Act 2 is fairly non-linear, and the first half of it can be done in almost any order. It takes place in the ruins of the rural Eternal Empire, the former civilization in Wraeclast before...well, before whatever went horribly wrong in Wraeclast went wrong. Your allies are the Azmeri: the same ethnic group who founded the Eternal Empire in the distant past, now reduced to a jungle tribe with no knowledge of their heritage.

You can exit The Forest Encampment, the Act 2 town, to both the northeast and the southwest; you should generally start with the northeast but the choice is yours. There's a lot of backtracking in this act, so it's important to grab waypoints.

To the northeast, we find:

  • The Great White Beast (Optional): Find The Den in the Old Fields, then kill the Great White Beast inside it. Truly optional, but rewards a rare rarity (yellow) belt that may be of use.
  • Intruders in Black (Mandatory): Find the Chamber of Sins, at the northwest end of the Crossroads. Progress through it, search for the Blackguard invaders, and see what you find. Make sure to loot the Baleful Gem quest item at the end of this quest, you'll need it later.
  • Deal with the Bandits (Mandatory): As mentioned in the previous section, you'll need to find and defeat two (or all three) bandits for this quest. You'll find Kraityn at the Broken Bridge to the northeast of the Crossroads.
  • Through Sacred Ground (Optional): Go to the Fellshrine Ruins and the Crypt inside them, to the southeast of the Crossroads. Find the Golden Hand and return it to Yeena. This quest is entirely optional, but eventually visiting the Crypt at least once per league is not, so you may as well do it.

To the southwest, we find:

  • Sharp and Cruel (Mandatory): Find the Weaver's Chambers, located in the Western Forest. Hunt down the spider boss inside and retrieve Silk's dagger, which surely will not turn out to have any story significance...
  • The Way Forward (Effectively Mandatory): You've had this Act 1 quest for ages now, and it's finally time to complete it. Find the other side of the blocked pass in the Western Forest and find a way to open it. Once you've done so, talk to Bestel back in Act 1 for your reward.
  • Deal with the Bandits (Mandatory): The other two Bandits are found in this section. You'll find Alira in the Western Forest and Oak in the Wetlands. Be particularly sure to grab the waypoint in the Wetlands, because you'll need to return there later.

Once you've completed Intruders in Black and Sharp and Cruel, you'll be able to progress to:

  • The Root of the Problem (Mandatory): You'll find mysterious ruins in the Wetlands, and the events in the Chamber of Sins tell you something bad is probably happening in there, something associated with the almost-forgotten name "Vaal". The way in is blocked by the roots of a massive tree - kill them off and force your way inside.

FAQ, Part 2

Questions you might have before the middle of Act 2. All FAQs can be found on the main FAQ page, but are included here within the guide at the rough points where you might encounter them.

  • Why is half my mana blocked off? Most likely, you selected - and have toggled on - an Aura or Herald skill. These skills "Reserve" a portion of your mana as their cost to stay active; that mana will be unavailable as long as the skill is toggled on. Linking support gems to such a skill can increase its mana reservation.
  • What does this card do? You've found, most likely, a Divination Card - it'll have a picture on it and a counter like 1/9 or 1/5. Collect a full set of these cards to earn a reward! For right now, just hang on to them.

Go To It!

The guide pauses here: go check the 'Early Act 2' section of your Guided Build before moving on. Return when you've poisoned the great tree to open the way into the Vaal ruins, which marks the midpoint of Act 2's story.

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