Einhar & the Bestiary

Stupid Beasts & Where to Find Them

As you enter Act 2's main town, the Forest Encampment, you'll meet Einhar Frey, a new NPC that introduces a new batch of mechanics to the game.

Einhar's mechanics revolve around capturing special Beasts located throughout the world. Once in a while you'll meet Einhar while adventuring, and the zone you're in will contain a handful of special Beasts, shown on the icon with yellow or red icons. If you defeat these Beasts, Einhar will capture them for you and store them in a Menagerie of captured Beasts. These Beasts can then be used to do various kinds of special crafting.

We Are Friends Now!

Each time you encounter Einhar, your map will spawn one 'Red' Beast and three to four 'Yellow' Beasts. Each of these Beasts comes with special monster modifiers in addition to being Rare monsters themselves. You'll want to capture as many of these Beasts as possible by 'killing' them - instead of dying, they'll go to 1 Life and Einhar will capture them in a net for you.

There are many types of Beast throughout the world, and the different types can have different modifiers on them. Einhar's people believe in various gods, known as the First Ones, four of which are effectively the leaders of various categories of Beast:

  • Saqawal, First of the Sky is associated with reptiles and birds.
  • Farrul, First of the Plains is associated with mammals.
  • Craiceann, First of the Deep is associated with sea creatures.
  • Fenumus, First of the Night is associated with insects.

Beasts of the appropriate type can spawn with Bestiary modifiers ("Saqawine", "Farric", "Craicic", and "Fenumal", respectively) associated with their leader, which are required for various crafting options (see below).

Each of the four is also an endgame boss in their own right. They're spawned through special Beastcrafting recipes (see below), but doing so requires a very rare Beast.


Just north of Einhar in your Menagerie, you'll find a Blood Altar, where you can perform a ritual in which you fight a group of captured Beasts for a reward. These rewards are predetermined and listed in a recipe book that will unlock as you capture more Beasts.

Most Beastcrafting requires Beasts with specific modifiers, plus a few miscellaneous Beasts. The level of the captured Beast affects the result - crafting with low-level Beasts will produce low-level items; crafting with high-level beasts will produce higher-level ones.

Choose your Beasts carefully - if you fail the fight by dying, you'll lose the Beasts and won't earn the reward.