The Bandits

The What Now?

We're almost ready to get started with Act 2, but before we do there's one more thing to discuss: Deal with the Bandits, one of Act 2's quests that gives a unique reward.

You can listen to the details of the quest in-game if you want, but the short version is this: there are three bandits, named Oak, Alira, and Kraityn, terrorizing the woods. You can either kill all three, or kill two and help the third, and depending on your choice you'll get various rewards for your character.

You'll need to decide which one you want before proceeding with Act 2.

The Rewards

  • Kill all three: 2 Passive Skill Points. The default choice for most builds.
  • Help Oak: 1% Life Regenerated per Second, 2% Additional Physical Damage Reduction, 20% Increased [Global] Physical Damage. This is strongest on a build that benefits a lot from additional physical reduction or life regen, like a high-armour build or a Righteous Fire character.
  • Help Alira: 5 Mana Regenerated per second, +20% to Global Critical Strike Multiplier, +15% to all Elemental Resistances. Used mostly for high crit builds, although the mana regeneration and Resistances can smooth out some of the early levelling process.
  • Help Kraityn: 6% increased Attack and Cast Speed, 3% chance to Dodge Attacks, 6% increased Movement Speed. Rarely used, although I'm not altogether sure why. Good for mobile Attack builds in the Dexterity section of the tree, particularly those using the Acrobatics Keystone Passive and other sources of Dodge.

The guided builds provided specify their Bandit choice. If you're forging your own path, you should probably just take the skill points, which is what almost all builds do.

Changing Bandit Choice

It's possible, but it's expensive, which is why I got out ahead of the quest and mentioned it here.

To change your Bandit selection, sell 20 Orbs of Regret and one of a specific type of amulet to a vendor. They'll give you a book that changes your Bandit bonus. The amulet depends on which Bandit you want to change to:

  • Oak: Amber Amulet
  • Kraityn: Jade Amulet
  • Alira: Lapis Amulet
  • (Kill All): Onyx Amulet

Note that if you took the Skill Points originally, you'll need to have two points unspent to change your Bandit selection (which will, of course, remove those two points).

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