World Objects, Part 2

Part Of Your World

It's time to take a look at a few more of the major types of objects you'll find scattered throughout Wraeclast:


Once in a while, you'll find a monster frozen in crystal. Clicking it will free the monster, and killing the monster will yield an Essence item.

Essences act like Orbs of Alchemy, in that they upgrade a Normal (white) rarity item into a Rare (yellow) rarity one. Unlike Orbs of Alchemy, however, Essences guarantee a special modifier on the item, which may not be available as part of the item's normal modifier pool.

Rarely, you'll find a monster that drops a special Remnant of Corruption, which you can use on an imprisoned Essence monster. You should not do this yet! Save your Remnants for the endgame, as they're the only way to acquire rare and moderately-valuable Essences.

See the Essences page in the Mechanics Reference for more on the fairly complex details of Essences.


Shrines are found randomly throughout the world, and are indicated by a wire-frame yellow icon over the shrine. Shrines provide powerful beneficial effects when clicked on - but before you click on them, those effects are applied to nearby monsters, instead.

Most shrines have fairly powerful effects, but particular note goes to the Divine Shrine, which makes you - and before you click it, the monsters around the shrine - completely immune to damage. These can be quite difficult to deal with sometimes.

Tormented Spirits

Tormented Spirits are green-colored ghosts you'll run in to every zone or two. They drop loot themselves, but that's not their primary purpose. Instead, they will flee from you and try to pass through nearby Monsters. They'll vanish after a short time, and you want to chase them into things as much as you can during that limited time.

Normal monsters, when passed by a spirit, gain the spirit's Touch, increasing their drops and granting them some new effect (like exploding on death or extra Cold damage). Rare and Unique monsters, on the other hand, can be possessed by a spirit, applying the spirit's Grip and granting them special abilities and greatly increased loot. Affected monsters show a greenish glow of a similar color to Tormented Spirits themselves.

Some Tormented Spirits aren't a big deal, but others - like the Tormented Smuggler or Tormented Embezzler - drop very good loot and are very much worth chasing into Rare monsters.

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