Build Check

Check Your Self

At this point in the game, enemies are starting to become dangerous enough to be significant threats to a player without proper equipment. So at this point it's a good idea to pause and check on your build:

  • Are you missing items for any slots? You should have at least some item equipped in every slot by this point, ideally of Rare or Unique rarity.
  • Are you in need of extra Attributes for your skills? Check your equipment for bonuses to your Attributes, and see if removing any one of those pieces is enough to leave you too low to use certain skills. If so, you'll want to prioritize areas on the Passive Tree that provide those Attributes, since not being able to swap out a bad item simply because of an Attribute shortage can be quite frustrating.
  • Are your Resistances capped? (Open your character pane with [c] and check the Defenses tab.) All your resistances should be at or close to 75% at this point. You can improve your Resistances through, among other things, Sapphire/Topaz/Ruby or Two-Stone Rings.
  • Have you been picking up Life (or if playing a primarily Energy Shield build, Energy Shield) nodes on the Passive Tree? If you're following a Guided Build's recommended path, you have, but if you've deviated from that - or if you're building your own build - you'll need to pick up plenty of Life, as the damage is going to ramp up substantially in the near future. A very rough guideline is that you should be around 1000-1500 effective maximum Life at this point, counting effects like Mind over Matter (a keystone that diverts some damage to your mana pool) or Energy Shield.
  • Do you have a 4-link item for your main skill? You should be supporting your main skill properly by this point and will want to continue doing so throughout the game. If you need a 4-link, your best bet is to find one on the ground and use an Orb of Alchemy on it, as opposed to spending a handful of Orbs of Fusing. Neversink's loot filter (which was recommended earlier in the guide) will highlight 4-links during the leveling process.
  • Did you remember to revisit Act 1 to pick up the Skill Point from The Way Forward?

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