Early Act 3

The Eternals' End

"Our paths meet in the shell of a long-dead snail. An empire slow to see where its path was taking it. Built on the husk of another, and destined to be buried time and time again."

At this point we're ready to get started with Act 3. Act 3 takes place in the ruins of Sarn, former capital of the Eternal Empire. Sarn's once-glorious streets are overrun by wraiths and twisted creatures created by the Cataclysm - and with Piety at work, perhaps a few created well after it...

The Shell of the Snail

Act 3's path is a lot more linear than it looks, but it does involve a little bit of backtracking. Your goal, ultimately, is to reach the Blackguard stronghold and whatever madness Piety is pursuing there. Unfortunately, the way across the river is blocked and you've got much of a city to explore before you can get there.

Before you're able to do anything else in Act 3, you'll need to complete:

  • Lost in Love (Mandatory): If you did not run into Clarissa on your way in from the Vaal Pyramid, you'll need to back up and talk to her in The City of Sarn, whose waypoint you got for free at the ending of Act 2. Afterward, you'll need to proceed into the Slums, find the Crematorium, and look for Clarissa's lover Tolman. He's missing in a zone called "The Crematorium", what could possibly go wrong? While in the Crematorium, you'll also want to find the Trial of Ascendancy located there.

Once you've completed Lost in Love, you'll be rewarded with the Sewer Key, which allows you to enter the Sewers and proceed through the rest of the Act, starting with:

  • Victario's Secrets (Effectively Mandatory): Find the three Platinum Busts located in the Sewers and return them to Hargan in town. You'll be rewarded with a skill point.

The Sewers contain an access route to help you reach the western side of Sarn, but unfortunately they're blocked by a wall of corrupted flesh. Fun. You won't be able to go this way yet.

Once you've found your way through the Sewers, you'll enter The Marketplace. It contains a side area ("The Catacombs") which contains one of the Trials of Ascendancy, as well as:

  • A Swig of Hope (Optional, Not Recommended): In the Marketplace you'll find the Decanter Spiritus. If you decide to do this optional quest, you might find someone in the Docks later in the act who'll take an interest in it...

Continue through The Marketplace to find The Battlefront, where you can complete:

  • The Ribbon Spool (Optional, but takes effectively no effort): Loot the Ribbon Spool, dropped by a Unique Blackguard very close to the Battlefront's waypoint. It has something to do with the animated Ribbon creatures defending the Solaris Temple, and you'll complete the quest inside. This quest is entirely optional, but it does reward a Rare-rarity neck and takes almost no effort. I usually do it just for that.
  • Fiery Dust (Mandatory): Find the Thaumetic Sulphite in the Docks, located near the north-western edge of the Battlefront. Like the Ribbon Spool, someone in the Solaris Temple might be interested in it.
  • A Swig of Hope (Optional, Not Recommended): A familiar face at the Docks wants your help. You won't be able to fully complete this quest yet, but one of the two required items - the Decanter Spiritus - is found in the Marketplace.
  • The Gemling Queen (Mandatory): Town NPC Grigor doesn't know exactly who the Gemling Queen was - but he does know she was to be found in the Solaris Temple. Find her remains before Piety does, since you'll surely make better use of them.

Once you've completed the above, you'll be able to burn the Undying Blockage in the Sewers to proceed into Act 3's second half.

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