Late Act 3

The Exile's Revenge

You've cleared the Undying Blockage with the help of the sole survivor of the Inner Empire, and there's nothing standing between you and the mad experiments of Piety and her master Dominus. There's no telling what awaits you on the other side of Sarn's central river - but it's not likely to be anything good.

West of the River

Once you're past the Undying Blockage in the Sewers, you'll find yourself in The Ebony Barracks, inner stronghold of Dominus and his Blackguards' presence in Wraeclast. Here, you can complete:

  • Sever the Right Hand (Optional, But Little Effort): Kill General Gravicius, leader of the local Blackguards. He's right in your path, so it's hard to miss him. Maramoa, in town, will reward you with a Skill Gem for doing so.

From The Ebony Barracks, you can head in two different ways. You should, however, start at its northwest end and enter the Lunaris Temple, where Piety has built up her base of operations.

  • Piety's Pets (Mandatory): Kill Piety. She's been taunting you since the Prison in Act 1, and it's time for revenge. The screams echoing from the depths of the Lunaris Temple suggest it might not be so easy, however. Make sure to loot the key she drops on death.

Once you've killed Piety, you can return to The Ebony Barracks, but this time you'll want to take an exit just north and east of the waypoint to enter The Imperial Gardens. The Imperial Gardens is one of the more densely packed zones in the game.

In itself, it contains a Trial of Ascendancy, the last of the first set. Although you could enter the Labyrinth now, we're going to wait a bit - it's rather difficult and has complex mechanics, and is best delayed a little while for a new player.

It also contains the other half of:

  • A Swig of Hope (Optional, Not Recommended): Find Chitus' Plum, located on a tree somewhere in the Imperial Gardens, and return it to the questgiver in The Docks.

The Imperial Gardens links to two other zones. You should first visit The Library, where you'll find:

  • A Fixture of Fate (Optional but Recommended): A survivor, of sorts, of the Cataclysm awaits you in the Library. He'll ask you to go deeper, in to The Archives (accessed by a lever on a bookshelf near the back of the Library) to retrieve four Golden Pages that contain records of the Vaal - and of the day they vanished - that can unlock the secrets of the Cataclysm. Once you've completed this quest, Siosa will sell all quest-unlocked Skill Gems, including those not otherwise available to your class, once you've completed their associated quest. It is for this reason that this quest is recommended, as it can save you a lot of headache seeking out gems not normally available from vendors.

Last but not least, the Imperial Gardens contain the Sceptre of God, a giant tower and former massive monument to the Templar - and now host to whatever maddened thaumaturgical experiments High Templar Dominus has been cooking up:

  • Sceptre of God (Mandatory): Climb the Sceptre of God and kill High Templar Dominus.

Good Hunting...

The guide pauses here: go check the 'Late Act 3' section of your Guided Build before moving on. Return once you've killed the High Templar and avenged your Exile.

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