The Basics

Charges are a specific set of effects, one per main Attribute, that are used by many items and passives throughout the game. In and of themselves, they provide some benefit to your character, but they're also used by many other effects: for example, Frenzy Charges increase your Damage, Attack Speed, and Cast Speed in and of themselves, but one node from the Raider Ascendancy subclass also grants Movement Speed per Frenzy Charge.

Charges are displayed as glowing balls swirling around your character - the image at left displays three Frenzy Charges and two Power Charges. (Note that there is at least one other non-charge effect - Corrupted Blood - that displays this way, albeit in a different color.) By default, you can have up to 3 of each charge, but many effects increase this limit.

Charge Types

There are three types of charge:

  • Endurance Charges (red, associated with Strength): Endurance Charges grant you Physical Damage Reduction and Elemental Resistances per charge. Effects that scale off of Endurance charges tend to be defensively-oriented.
  • Frenzy Charges (green, associated with Dexterity): Frenzy Charges grant you More Damage, More Attack Speed, and More Cast Speed for each charge. Effects that scale off Frenzy charges tend to be Attack damage or speed-oriented.
  • Power Charges (blue, associated with Intelligence): Power Charges grant you Increased [Global] Critical Strike Chance per charge. Effects that scale off Power Charges tend to be Spell-related.

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