Early Act 4

One Troubled Mountain

Act 4 is a mostly linear affair, with only one point where there's an option between two quests. All quests in Act 4 are mandatory, or effectively so.

At this point you should either be in the Aqueduct immediately after defeating Dominus or in Highgate, the Act 4 town. If you're not in Highgate, get there.

Highgate is populated by the Maraketh, a group formerly on the edges of the Eternal Empire, now guardians of the seal holding the Beast's power - mostly - inside the mountain. But they can't keep it quiet forever, and it's up to you to sink deep into the Nightmare that destroyed both Vaal and Eternal to put an end to the corrupting madness once and for all.

Echoes of the Eternals

Your first task in Act 4 is to unlock the seal blocking your way in to Mount Veruso. One problem: turns out, High Templar-slash-Emperor Voll isn't quite dead, and his bound spirit is guarding the artifact you need to do so. Head down to the Dried Lake, on the southwest side of Highgate, to complete:

  • Breaking the Seal (Mandatory): Find and destroy the spirit of High Templar Voll, retrieve the banner of Deshret, the Maraketh's former leader, and open the seal in Highgate. You'll be rewarded with a Skill Gem and access to the next part of the Act.

Once you've got the seal opened, it's time to head into the dark. In the Mines below Highgate, you'll find Niko the Mad (covered in a previous article):

  • Niko the Mad (Optional, but no reason to skip it): Join Niko in his quest for Voltaxic Sulphite to unlock the secrets of the Azurite Mine. See the page on Niko & the Azurite Mine for further details.

Once you've met Niko and checked out the mine, continue to the Mines, Level 2 to find:

  • An Indomitable Spirit (Effectively Mandatory): Find and free Deshret's spirit, located in The Mines, Level 2. You'll be rewarded with a Skill Point.

Deep inside the mountain, you'll find the Rapture Device, the machine that Malachai promised Voll would destroy the Beast for good. It did not do that - but maybe it can get you inside. Dialla's there to help, but she'll need:

  • The King of Fury and The King of Desire (Mandatory): Enter the Dreams on either side of Dialla. Proceed through them (each of them contains two zones), kill the boss at the end, and retrieve the relevant quest item. Once both are returned to Dialla, she'll open the way forward. If you zone briefly in to the next area before returning to town, you'll be able to get your reward - the last of the Skill Gem rewards you'll find - back in town.

Have A Nice Nightmare

The guide pauses here: go check the 'Early Act 4' section of your Guided Build before moving on. Return once you've completed the quests above and opened the way into The Belly of the Beast.

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