Late Act 4

A Beast of a Finale

You've got your Ascendancy. You've got every skill gem you want to use. And you've got a way in to the Belly of the Beast. It's time to head inside the Beast and put an end to Malachai, the mad Thaumaturge Laureate, for good.

The Belly of the Beast

The remainder of Act 4 is short and linear.

This is the first point in Path of Exile where you'll face regular enemies with very powerful Bleed effects. Make sure you have your Staunching Flask, mentioned before in the page on utility effects and in the runup to Izaro, ready to go. These Bleeds can kill you very fast if you move while they're active.

Proceed through the Belly of the Beast Levels 1, and 2, meet a familiar face near the end of Level 2, then enter The Harvest, the final area of Act 4. There, you'll have two quests to finish:

  • Corpus Malachus (Mandatory): Find Malachai's organs, the last pieces of the humanity he sacrificed in merging himself with the Beast. They can be found on bosses around The Harvest, two along the path south of the waypoint and one to the north.
  • The Eternal Nightmare (Mandatory): Kill Malachai - and with him, the Beast - for good.

The End of a Nightmare

The guide pauses here: go check the 'Late Act 4' section of your Guided Build before moving on. Return when Malachai and his pet Beast are dead.

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