Movement Skills

Gotta Go Fast

Because Path of Exile's endgame is primarily about grinding for drops to sell, efficiency is a big part of planning a proper build - and a big part of efficiency is making sure you don't spend too much time walking!

As a result, most builds include at least one Movement Skill. Your choice of Movement skill can depend on a number of factors, most notably whether you're playing an Attack or a Spell-based build and, if Attacking, which weapon type you're using. These skills are almost never used as part of a primary damage build, and are instead used for quick movement to dodge dangerous attacks or speed map clearing.

At this point you should have completed Siosa's quest A Fixture of Fate, meaning that you have access to almost all gems by purchasing them from Siosa. For future runs, however, most of these skills can be obtained at some point in Act 1 by certain classes. If you want to browse all the available Movement skills, pay a visit to Siosa and search for Movement.

Some Movement skills share cooldowns with one another.

Movement Skill Supports

Just because you're not primarily dealing damage with your Movement skills doesn't mean that finding Support gems for them doesn't matter! Instead, you can focus on Support gems that improve their utility to you.

As an example, if you're using Shield Charge, Whirling Blades, and Leap Slam you could consider:

  • Fortify Support, which grants a substantial damage-reduction buff to you when you hit.
  • Faster Attacks to go faster.
  • A third support is optional, but common choices are things like Culling Strike (allowing the movement skill to execute monsters, typically bosses, below 10% Life). Alternately, you can put this setup in a 3-link in a 1-hand weapon or shield.

On the other hand, if you're using Blink Arrow:

  • Faster Projectiles, to make sure the arrow lands as quickly as possible.
  • Faster Attacks, to make sure you get the shot off quickly.

For Lightning Warp:

  • Faster Casting, to lay a marker faster.
  • Less Duration, to reduce skill effect duration in order to teleport faster.
  • Swift Affliction, to reduce skill effect duration in order to teleport faster.

For Flame Dash:

  • Faster Casting, to move more quickly.

Other options include things like Rage Support to maintain that effect, Blind Support for cheap utility, and numerous others. The exact choice depends heavily on your build.

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