Act 10

The Ruins of Oriath

Kitava has not been idle while you've been pulling a string of god-killing worthy of Kratos back in Wraeclast. The entire island is overrun with his cultists, and the rest of the citizens...well, Kitava is a primal god of hunger, after all, and Oriath's citizenry was ripe and fat. Time to put an end to the cannibal god once and for all.

A Psychotic Bonfire of an Island

You return to the Oriath Docks, which serves as the town for Act 10. Overseer's Tower, your refuge from Act 5, has been overrun, and only Lani remains of your NPC allies from Act 5. Bannon - and with him, what remains of Innocence - is missing, and Vilenta has betrayed the remaining resistance to Kitava for her own gain.

First things first: let's go save the good guys. Ascend to the Cathedral Rooftop and head back to the arena in which you fought Kitava back in Act 5 to rescue Bannon:

  • Safe Passage (Mandatory): Rescue Bannon from the Cathedral Rooftop.

Once you've done this (you don't need to return to town, unless you care about story dialog), head southeast across the rooftop to return to The Ravaged Square, the blasted remains of Oriath Square now entirely overrun with the mad cultists of Kitava.

The Ravaged Square works as a central hub for the remaining zones of Act 10, and you should start by heading northeast to find the Waypoint. You then have four quests you can do in the adjoining areas:

  • Death and Rebirth (Mandatory): You'll need Innocence's power to help you break through Kitava's barriers. Unfortunately, you kind of killed him back in Act 5. Return to the Torched Courts at the eastern end of the Ravaged Square, return to the Desecrated Chambers (the former Chamber of Innocence), and recover the Staff of Avarius to reawaken Innocence's power.
  • No Love for Old Ghosts (Optional, But Recommended): In and of itself, this quest only gives you a couple of respec points, but it's in an area with your final Trial of Ascendancy, so you may as well do it. Enter the Ossuary next to the Ravaged Square waypoint and find the Trial of Ascendancy there before finding the Elixir of Allure and returning it to Weylam back in town.
  • Map to Tsoatha (Optional, Not Recommended): Find the Teardrop, a relic stored within the Reliquary, and return it to Lilly Roth. This is well out of your way and only rewards a rare, so it's really not worth your time unless you care about hearing all the side dialog. If you do, you can find the Reliquary where you left it near the southern end of the Ravaged Square.
  • Vilenta's Vengeance (Effectively Mandatory): Return to the Control Blocks, located on the southwestern side of the Ravaged Square, find Vilenta - or whatever thing she has become under Kitava's influence - and kill her for a skill point.

Once you've finished the above, it's time to put an end to Kitava. With Innocence's power reawakened, you can pass the blockade located just northeast of the Ravaged Square waypoint to enter The Canals.

There's not a lot of water to be had in these canals anymore.

Pass through the Canals to enter The Feeding Trough, the final area of the campaign. There's nothing left to do but take the fight to Kitava. This is a difficult fight, much harder than any you've seen so far, and some deaths are to be expected - but once you learn his patterns, most of his damage is avoidable even if it doesn't seem like it at first glance. In any event, it's time to put:

  • An End to Hunger (Mandatory): Face Kitava once again, with Sin and Innocence at your side.

The End (?)

With the main story complete, you've got all your Passive points and Pantheon powers. You should also have unlocked the third Labyrinth, which you can go do now if you so choose (although you may want to wait a few more levels or upgrade your gear first).

Once you're done with the final fight, you'll end up in the Epilogue. Continue to the next section for a brief primer on the endgame - but at this point, you've gotten on your feet in Wraeclast.

You're about ready to fly on your own, my little birdie.

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