Act 5

You Can Go Home Again

Turns out there was a portal back to Oriath near Highgate all along! What a coincidence! But with the Beast's death, the power of thaumaturgy is rapidly fading. It's time to claim your ticket back to Oriath, ending your exile and returning to your former home. Yet all is not as you remember it - in particular, there sure do seem to be a lot of X's painted in blood on the walls...

Before you continue, you may want to check your Guided Build's section for Act 5. There is one quest in this act that yields a Jewel reward that is critically important for certain builds, so make sure you know what you want to pick before you get there.

The Fall of Oriath

Pass through The Ascent, climb the slopes of Mount Veruso, and take the portal home. It's time to extract your revenge on the Templar and their theocracy. But first, you have to work your way out of the prison you've unfortunately teleported in to:

  • Return to Oriath (Mandatory): Find your way out of the Slave Pens and up to Overseer's Tower inside it. The pens are rather twisty; you have to go well to the southeast, then south and west, to get to the tower, which serves as Act 5's town.

The rest of this Act guide is basically impossible to write without any spoilers. Since the names of subzones involve, to some degree, giving away the plot, read no further if you want to experience this Act and its twists for yourself. The dividers below are at the positions of major story twists.

Still here? Alright. It turns out that, with the death of the Beast, the ancient gods have suddenly returned, divine power and all. Dominus' successor, High Templar Avarius, is now suffused with the power of Innocence, the Templar god. The Karui slaves are invoking their own gods - in particular, Kitava, God of Hunger - to lead a revolution. The two factions have Oriath in chaos.

Your goal is to find your way through the chaos and take out the new High Templar and his piggybacking god.

First, you'll need to pass through the Control Blocks, another wing of the prison. (Please ignore the vaguely Nazi-esque imagery on the walls, Citizen, Oriath is a free and lovely culture!) In the Control Blocks, you'll need to find:

  • In Service to Science (Effectively Mandatory): Find the Miasmeter somewhere in the Control Blocks and return it to Vilenta in town. You'll be rewarded with a Skill Point.
  • The Key to Freedom (Mandatory): Finish the Control Blocks, kill Justicar Casticus at the end of them, and take his eyes (ew). You'll need them to enter the Templar stronghold, although Lani in town will offer you a minor reward.

Once you leave the Control Blocks and enter Oriath Square, you'll find a city in chaos: the Templar and Karui, suddenly suffused with the power of their respective gods, are locked in a life and death struggle. Fight your way past the Templar forces with the help of friendly Karui rebels to reach the Templar Courts. Pass through the courts to reach the Chamber of Innocence itself, inner sanctum of the Templar and home to their leadership. There, you'll find:

  • Death to Purity (Mandatory): Find and kill High Templar Avarius. Once you do, you'll be rewarded with a special Unique Jewel, which may be important to your build - these Jewels are only offered once, so make sure you pick the right one (see your Guided Build for the details)! Provided you're trading, you can buy these at little cost, but if you're playing solo they can be very difficult to find again.

The events of the Chamber of Innocence contain significant spoilers, so do not read on until you've completed it.

Hooray! Tyranny is dead! I mean, that statue just came to life, and Innocence's brother Sin is asking for your help, something about a crazy cannibal god eating everyone in Oriath, but at least you got your revenge, right?


With the death of Innocence, the remainder of Act 5's landscape is totally changed, and the rest of the Act goes back the way you came. Work your way back through The Torched Courts and re-enter a Ruined Square now dominated by the risen god Kitava's mad cultists.

In the Ruined Square, you'll find:

  • The King's Feast (Optional, Not Recommended): Find and kill the traitorous Utula, who is attempting to complete a ritual to empower Kitava further.

You'll also find two side areas, which you can do in any order. One, the Reliquary, hosts:

  • Kitava's Torments (Effectively Mandatory): Find the three relics known as Kitava's Torments in the Reliquary. This'll earn you a skill point back in town.

The other, the Ossuary, contains one step of the final quest of Act 5:

  • The Ravenous God (Mandatory): Enter the Ossuary and find the Sign of Purity, a powerful artifact of Innocence that may offer you an edge against Kitava.

Once you have the Sign of Purity, head up to the Cathedral Rooftop (also adjoining the Ruined Square) to complete the act with:

  • The Ravenous God (Mandatory): Find Kitava on the Cathedral Rooftop and face him.

You Can Go Home Again Again

Once you've faced Kitava, talk to Lilly Roth at the docks to begin Part II of Path of Exile's story...