Act 6

Part II, Electric Booagloo

With your departure from Oriath and return to the coast of Wraeclast, you've now joined Part II of Path of Exile's main storyline. Kitava, Karui god of hunger, is consuming Oriath, and must be stopped before he devours the world. The maligned god Sin, creator of the Beast, is now your ally, and you'll have to get back what you once destroyed in order to stop Kitava.

From here until the start of Maps, there won't be many build-specific decisions to make. As a result, the Guided Builds will contain only one section for Part II.

Diablo players, at this point, are probably expecting an equivalent of Diablo's Normal/Nightmare/Hell(/Inferno, if you played Diablo 3) difficulty system, where you replay an identical story several times. That was originally the case (PoE's difficulties were Normal/Cruel/Merciless), but isn't anymore. Instead, the second round is a modified take on the first - you'll see familiar faces and locales in new ways, and progress through the acts along different paths.

The Gods Awake

Sin, Innocence, and Kitava were not the only gods to wake up with the demise of the Beast. Wraeclast, freed from the grip of the Beast's influence, is now the site of a massive battle royale between the gods, who are rapidly claiming territory across the continent. Unfortunately, these gods are not of a particularly friendly sort, and their followers are more possessed than devoted.

Your task for the next four acts: return to Highgate; retrieve the Dark Ember that created the Beast from its stinking corpse; and kill absolutely anyone, god or human or wraith, standing in your way.

You start from Lioneye's Watch, the familiar town from Act 1. You'll want to start with:

  • Fallen from Grace (Optional, But Recommended): Clear the Twilight Strand of the washed-up and reanimated dead Oriathans fleeing the maw of Kitava. This quest is optional, story-wise, but once you've completed it Lilly Roth will offer all vendor-available skill gems, even those unavailable to your class. This is similar to Siosa back in Act 3, but Lilly has the advantage of being in town (and thus you not having to bring your currency with you or visit a low-level zone).

From there, you'll proceed up the coast for a few zones, along the path you took way back at the start, from the Coast to the Mud Flats. But this time it's sunny and pleasant and there are Karui trying to kill you. Hey, no one ever said Wraeclast was going to be a nice place with the Beast dead.

  • Bestel's Epic (Optional, Not Recommended): Find Bestel's Epic on the Tidal Island, similarly to how you found the Medicine Chest there back in Act 1. This quest only rewards a rare-rarity belt or amulet, and isn't really worth your trouble.
  • The Brine King (This Step Optional): Nessa has vanished from Lioneye's Watch, and you've been tasked with finding her. You'll find her somewhere in the Mud Flats.
  • The Father of War (Effectively Mandatory): Before you can face Tukohama, you'll need access to the Karui Fortress. Find a Unique monster called The Dishonoured Queen in the Mud Flats to obtain the key, called the Eye of Conquest, then find the door to the Karui Fortress somewhere in the Mud Flats.

Once you've got the door open, enter the Karui Fortress and face off with your first god:

  • The Father of War (Effectively Mandatory): The Karui here are under the sway of Tukohama, the Karui war god. You killed Innocence earlier (sort of), so what's one more, right? Tarkleigh will reward you with a skill point once Tukohama is dead, but you'll also get a new reward - a Pantheon Power. See the full article on Pantheon Powers following this act guide for more on the Pantheon.

To reawaken the Dark Ember, you'll need the spirits of Malachai's associates, whose thaumaturgical power, Sin claims, will help him to reignite the smouldering spark of the Beast's essence. Your first target is Shavronne, who has returned to Axiom Prison, where she died to Brutus long ago.

This time, however, your route is a little bit different. The passage through Submerged Passage is blocked off (for reasons you'll have revealed if you did the quests up to this point), so this time you'll have to take a different route around. Near the north end of the Karui Fortress you'll pass in to The Ridge, which will bring you around via the back to a hole in the roof of The Lower Prison.

The Lower Prison contains the first Trial of Ascendancy for your next Labyrinth, just where it was back in Act 1, and you should complete it before moving on.

Instead of passing through the Prison by your route from Act 1, you'll instead climb a tower to complete:

  • The Essence of Umbra (Mandatory): Find Shavronne on top of her tower and kill her - and whatever she might be working on up there. This quest is mandatory to progress anyway, but it also rewards a 4-link rare back in town.

From Shavronne's Tower, descend back through the Warden's Quarters and out into Prisoner's Gate, rejoining your route from Act 1. In Prisoner's Gate, you'll find:

  • The Brine King (This Step Optional): Continue the hunt for Nessa after the events of the earlier stage of this quest. She'll be found somewhere in Prisoner's Gate.
  • The Cloven One (Effectively Mandatory): Another day, another god. This time it's Aberrath, fire-god of the Goatmen. Kill him and get yourself a skill point and a new Pantheon power.

Unlike Act 1, however, you won't proceed down via the Ship Graveyard, because there's no Piety to close the door this time! Instead, you'll enter lands originally associated with Act 2, starting with the Western Forest, where there sure do seem to be a lot of odd mind-control-y parasites on the wildlife...

Continue past the Western Forest and into the Riverways. On the north end of the Riverways you'll find the Wetlands, just as you did back in Act 2. This time, though, you've only got one goal:

  • The Puppet Mistress (Effectively Mandatory): Kill Ryslatha, the Puppet Mistress. She's found in an area on the southwest edge of the Wetlands.

Once you've killed Ryslatha, backtrack to the Riverways. You can reach the Forest Encampment but the way is - for some reason - blocked. Instead, head to the eastern edge of the Riverways to pass into the Southern Forest, then retrace your steps from Act 1 and 2 backward to enter Merveil's lair in the Cavern of Anger. Just inside, you can't miss the next step of:

  • The Brine King (Mandatory): The Brine King, an old sea god, is taking Nessa for his consort, and she can't do very much about it. Take the Black Crest from the chest next to her and proceed.

Pass through the Cavern of Anger to emerge into The Beacon, a new zone that you didn't visit back in Act 1. Find the titular Beacon, turn it on, and toss the Black Crest in to summon yourself a lovely ghost pirate ship to ferry you out to The Brine King's Reef, the final area of Act 6. Then there's nothing left to do but:

  • The Brine King (Mandatory): Find and defeat the Brine King and rescue Nessa.

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