Act 7

Return to Phrecia

With your depature from Act 6, you return to the forest you visited back in Act 2. The corruption of the Beast is gone - but the forest is now home to squabbling old gods of the Vaal. Your friends from the Forest Encampment have been displaced and several are missing - and you've still got to find your way back through to the heart of the Eternal Empire.

Faces and Spiders and Bears, Oh My!

You begin at The Bridge Encampment, located on The Broken Bridge where you fought (or depending on build, may have helped) Kraityn back in Act 2. The locals of the former Forest Encampment are here now, because their old camp is now overrun by a possessed Greust, and you're on the hunt for the spirit of Maligaro, the second of Malachai's pupils. Not far outside town, you'll find:

  • The Silver Locket (Optional, Not Recommended): Find Weylam's locket in The Broken Bridge. He'll reward you with a utility flask, but you've probably already got those.

Pass through to the Crossroads, which is much the same as you left it. The path southwest towards the Forest Encampment is blocked, and you won't be able to do anything in the Chamber of Sins yet, so you should head southeast to the Fellshrine Ruins and the Crypt inside them. There, you'll find a Trial of Ascendancy and step 1 of:

  • Essence of the Artist (Mandatory): Find Maligaro's Map in the Crypt, located in a secret chamber not accessible back in Act 2.

Once you have the map, head to the Chamber of Sins, northwest of the Crossroads. You won't be able to enter Level 2, but on Level 1 you'll find Silk along with a now-functional Map device. Activate the device with Maligaro's Map, and inside Maligaro's Sanctum, you'll find:

  • Essence of the Artist (Mandatory): Find and defeat Maligaro's spirit.
  • Web of Secrets (Mandatory): Silk wants you to obtain the Black Venom. He hasn't told you why, but surely it can't possibly be anything bad, right?

Once you turn in the venom to Silk, he'll give you a key, and you can proceed down into the second floor of the Chamber of Sins. Unfortunately, he'll also tell you he's trying to join up with an old Vaal goddess of fertility and lust who is known for eating her lovers, because Silk is an idiot.

You can find another Trial of Ascendancy in the Chamber of Sins Level 2 - once you've done it, you'll have completed the trials to unlock the second tier of the Labyrinth. You can attempt it now if you want, but it will likely be pretty difficult unless you're playing a build with strong boss-killing power.

Once you've done the Trial of Ascendancy, return to the long two-sided room where you found Helena and the Baleful Gem back in Act 2. On the other side of it, where Piety once taunted you from, you'll find a hidden passage unlocked by the key you got from Silk, which leads you in to the Den.

Pass through the Den, emerge into the Old Fields, and finally enter the Forest Encampment from the northeast to find:

  • The Master of a Million Faces (Mandatory): Kill Greust, who is possessed by the Vaal god Ralakesh. After you're done, you'll gain access to the Northern Forest, get a new Pantheon power, and can get a skill point back in town.

Revisit town to get two new quests. In the Northern Forest itself, you'll find:

  • In Memory of Greust (Optional): Put the locket given to you by Helena in town on the old Azmeri shrine. She'll reward you with a rare Amulet - not a very good reward, but the quest takes so little time that you may as well complete it.

Unlike your first pass through, the Dread Thicket, found on the southwest side of the Northern Forest, is not optional this time around. Inside, you'll find:

  • Lighting the Way (Mandatory): Yeena wants you to collect the many Fireflies scattered throughout the Dread Thicket, and promises that this will somehow help you follow Silk and find his new goddess.
  • Queen of Despair (Effectively Mandatory): Find Gruthkul, a minor god, in her den in the Dread Thicket. Kill her for an extra Pantheon power and a reward of a skill point back in town.

With Yeena promising to open the way, it's time to proceed through more Vaal ruins in pursuit of the major goddess Arakaali. Head to the north end of the Northern Forest and proceed on to The Causeway. There, you'll find two quests:

  • No Time Like the Present: Find and complete a Temporal Incursion for Alva Valai. Alva's mechanics are explained in more detail on their own page, Alva & Incursions.
  • Kishara's Star (Effectively Mandatory): Find Kishara's Star in the Causeway and return it to Weylam Roth in town for a skill point.

Past the Causeway you'll find the Vaal City, one of the more confusing zones in the game. Find the Temple of Decay located within it - Yeena is waiting for you outside, and will let you in for your final confrontation with:

  • The Mother of Spiders (Mandatory): Find Silk, try to rescue him, and kill Arakaali.

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