Masters & Hideouts

This page is about the old Forsaken Masters prior to the rework to the Master system in Patch 3.5.

The Forsaken Masters

The Forsaken Masters are a group of craftsmen and women who are among the few NPCs that persist throughout the game. We've mentioned these guys before, and you've probably encountered them a few times in your journey. They allow you to manually add Affixes to items once you've gained their favor, among other things.

Each of the Forsaken Masters has a title, always with the word Master in it. Up until this point, you've probably met Haku and Elreon (who appear in Act 1 and beyond) and Tora and Catarina (who start to appear in Act 2). You'll shortly meet Vorici and Vagan, who appear from Act 3 and up, and you'll eventually meet Zana in the endgame.

Once you've reached the appropriate Act, a Master can appear in almost any zone at random.

Reputation & Levels

When you meet the Masters randomly in the wild, they'll task you with a mission of some sort. Completing this mission will increase your Reputation with the Master in question.

Reputation comes in Levels, starting at Level 1 and going up to Level 8. Each increase in Reputation will unlock more of the Master's options, including new crafting options.


Once any of the Masters reaches Reputation Level 3, they'll offer you the chance to create a Hideout. Hideouts are Path of Exile's personal player-housing system, and you'll spend much of your time in the endgame there. The various Masters sell Decorations that you can use to personalize your Hideout, from trees to torches to tents.

Most likely, you have a Master at, or close to, the required Level 3 at this point. You may want to check the towns of Acts 1, and 2 to see if you have one up to tier.

The choice of Hideout depends on the Master that creates it. The differences are purely cosmetic, so you can pick the one that suits your tastes:

  • Haku: the Coastal Hideout, which uses the tileset from the Act 1 areas along the coast and is moderately-lit.
  • Elreon: the Enlightened Hideout, which uses an indoor library tileset with almost no light.
  • Tora: the Lush Hideout, which uses Act 2's forest tileset and is brightly-lit.
  • Catarina: the Unearthed Hideout, which uses Act 2's Fellshrine Ruins tileset and is dimly-lit.
  • Vagan: the Battle-Scarred Hideout, which uses a clean stone tileset typical of late Act 3 and is well-lit.
  • Vorici: the Backstreet Hideout, which is built on to roofs in a slum resembling early Act 3 and is well-lit.
  • Zana: the Immaculate Hideout, which uses a red-and-gold stone tileset with little lighting.

Once you've created a Hideout, you'll be able to invite some other (Reputation Level 2 or higher) Masters to it. Any Master in your hideout will offer a Daily Mission that rewards bonus Reputation, allowing you to focus on the Masters whose effects you want.

At Reputation Levels 5 and 7, a Master will offer expanded versions of their original Hideout. These larger Hideouts have more space for decorations and allow you to invite more Masters.

In addition to Masters, you can also invite Navali (the Prophecy NPC) to your Hideout. She does not take up a lot, so there's no reason not to do this.

Master Crafting

Each of the Masters, once invited to your Hideout, will offer you a Crafting Bench that you can place in your Hideout (you can also add all these benches to your collection by typing "/claim_crafting_benches"). Crafting benches allow you to modify items in various ways, depending on their associated Master and the Reputation level they're at. To very briefly summarize the masters, their associated crafting benches, and the type of items they affect:

  • Haku (Armourer's Workbench): Allows you to add an Affix to gloves, boots, chest armour, shields, and helms.
  • Elreon (Blessing Font): Allows you to add an Affix to rings and amulets.
  • Tora (Bowmaker's Tools): Allows you to add an Affix to ranged weapons (wands and bows) and belts.
  • Catarina (Headstones): Allows you to add Affixes to caster weapons (wands, daggers, and sceptres).
  • Vagan (Sharpening Wheel): Allows you to add Affixes to melee weapons.
  • Vorici (Artisan's Bench): Allows you to modify the number, links, and colors of sockets on an item.

In general, if you get a good rare in the mid to late-game that you're planning on using, it's a good idea to see if the appropriate Master can add something to it. Note that some Master crafted mods are quite expensive - pay attention to the currency cost listed for the craft.

Master mods appear in a bright blue color different from the normal modifier text. Once the relevant Master reaches Level 7, you can remove them for minimal cost at their bench.

Other Rewards

The full details of every reward offered by the Masters is beyond the scope of this guide, and you don't need to know the full list. In general, it's simply good to level them anytime you can, and to check their inventories for interesting items. However, to briefly summarize the rewards available at different levels of Reputation:

  • All Levels: New crafting mods unlock at the respective bench for most levels of most Masters.
  • Level 2: Can invite the Master to your Hideout and get their Crafting Bench.
  • Level 3: Can create a Small Hideout (which holds up to 3 Masters). Starts selling Skill Gems, which can occasionally come with Quality built in (and these can sometimes be worth buying if only to use for the Gemcutter's Prism vendor recipe).
  • Level 4: Starts selling Magic-rarity (blue) items with a special Affix. You can use these to craft, although a new player is not advised to do so since making anything good with them is extremely expensive.
  • Level 5: Can create a Medium Hideout (which holds up to 5 Masters). Will offer rare-rarity (yellow) items for sale, although it's unusual for these items to be any good.
  • Level 6: Sells higher-tier Currencies in bulk at a lower price than most vendors. For the most part, these deals are usually not worth it, because the exchange rate from trading with players is usually more favorable. Check prices before you go for these.
  • Level 7: Can crate a Large Hideout (which holds all your Masters). Offers the ability to remove a crafted Affix at their respective Crafting Bench.
  • Level 8: Will offer random Unique items for sale. These are moderately expensive (most cost 8 Chaos Orbs), but once in a while a Master will offer a high-tier unique at a great discount.