Synthesis League

A League Of Our Own

This page is outdated and preserved only for historical purposes. It documents the Synthesis league as it was at launch. See other pages for more up to date information.

Momentor Mortuus

Shortly after beginning Act 1, you'll meet Cavas. He's a ghost who has lost his memory, but he can access Memory Fragments scattered throughout the world that contain memories of his and of various figures (both major and minor) in Wraeclast's history.

Entering a Memory Fragment will transport you to a small, self-contained area next to an object called a Memory Stabilizer. The Stabilizer is surrounded by blue and black Decay (visible on your map as a fuzzy orange barrier). Clicking it will open up the area for a limited time, but almost as soon as you do, the memory will begin to Decay again. Entering the Decay will slow you and, if you go far enough into it, will kick you out of the Memory.

Your goal is to find all the Memory Stabilizers before the Decay reaches and destroys them. If you're successful in doing so, you'll add the completed Memory to a stockpile you can use in the Memory Nexus (see below). If not, well...

You don't need to loot items during your time in a Memory Fragment. Whether you succeed or fail, they'll drop outside next to Cavas as soon as your time in the Fragment is over.

The Memory Void

When you succeed in completing a Memory Fragment in the open world, you'll store that memory for future use in the Memory Void, where the memories are used to build a path across the void to distant rewards.

Cavas will take you to the Void the first time. To visit it in the future, use the icon for it on the right hand of your Waypoint menu.

Once in the Memory Void, you can either press 'V' or interact with one of the Memory Stabilizers on the sides of the Memory Nexus to open a map of the Void. Your goal is to bridge the void to reach various distant rewards, which you can examine by mousing over them. Your stored Memories are visible at the right hand side of the screen (see below).

A memory must connect to any possible connection on each side of it. For example, if there are three paths leading into one of the tiles in the Memory Void, you can't place a 2-connection memory there. Memories also decay after a few uses. You can see the count of remaining uses at the bottom of the Memory, either on your Memory Void map or in the 'inventory' of maps you haven't placed yet.

The most interesting pieces of the Memory Void are Memory Modifiers, which can be applied to all maps in a connected link by interacting with an object in one of the reward nodes in the Void. These modifiers can be quite potent and can be stacked up to enormous numbers, yielding zones with (potentially) a ton of loot. There are also special tiles (highlighted in yellow) that apply bonus effects to Memories placed on top of them.

On uses except for the last one, memories will be stable and you have to loot items normally. In effect, they're just normal zones, although they may have areas of Decay that will throw you back to where you entered if you enter them. On the last use, however, a Memory will immediately begin to Decay. Falling into Decay will throw you back to where you started, potentially trapped by the Decay and unable to progress through the chain of memories you've constructed. You can interact with Stabilizers (either where you entered or elsewhere) to accelerate this Decay and teleport all items dropped into the Decay to that Stabilizer, but be warned: once you've hit the Stabilizer, you'll get ported there after the Decay catches you. This can, again, potentially trap you, and so it's often not worth using them until you get caught anyway.

Fractured and Synthesized Items

During your runs through Cavas' memories, you'll find special Fractured items. These items are identifiable by an icon next to their name when they drop, by a special glowing overlay when in your inventory, and golden-colored modifiers on them.

The gold-highlighted modifiers (+12 Dexterity, for the item in the screenshot above) are "locked" and can't be modified by any normal means. This means that you can, for example, reroll the item using Currency items without risking changing that modifier, which makes these potentially valuable for item crafting if the locked modifier is good enough.

Three Fractured items of the same type (say, three Chest Armours or three Sceptres) can be combined to create a Synthesized item. This is a special version of a normal item that comes with a special Implicit Modifier based on the values of the mods on the input items. The exact mechanics are complex, but the common theme is that the output implicit modifier is generally related to one of the affixes/explicit modifiers on the input items. The best modifiers usually require three inputs with top-tier rolls, and thus aren't available during the leveling process; you can safely skip low-level Fractured items if you so choose.


  • When you encounter Cavas, run his area. Avoid the blue stuff and find the clicky things.
  • Use the Memories you acquire this way to build bridges to distant objects in the Memory Void.
  • Be careful about clicking Stabilizers during the last use of a Memory, as this can inadvertently trap you.
  • Try to keep your Memories linked together to stack Memory Modifiers on them.
  • Don't worry about Fractured/Synthesized items until the endgame.