Tools & Links

What are these?

Path of Exile is an old enough game at this point that there's been time for the community to develop some fairly advanced tools to help with creating builds, customizing the details of loot filters, or analyzing the stats on an item. Most PoE players use this tools to at least some extent, so it seemed like a good idea to include them.


Path of Exile's official site: Account creation, more information about the game, patch notes, the Path of Exile's trading API, and Microtransactions.

The official discussion forums: Build guides, developer announcements, and more about the details of the game.

The Path of Exile subreddit: Very active and frequented by the developers; an alternative to the official forums. You can also hit up their Discord server.

Path of Building: A comprehensive tool for planning builds that allows you to edit a passive tree, skill gem links, items, and more, and import/export builds to share with others.

Engineering Eternity: A series of well-produced, extremely detailed videos on Path of Exile's mechanics, from the very simple to the advanced.

PoELab: A site that updates with information on the day Labyrinth each day, including a map and breakdowns of the locations of various bonus objects within the Labyrinth.

Filterblade: A tool for custom loot filters. You can also just download Neversink's default filters here, as recommended by the main guide.

The PoE Trade Macro: A script that estimates the value of items you find. This is legal in PoE, where you're allowed to use scripts provided that they do not automate gameplay itself.

The PoE Wiki: I'm not linking this here. Not because I forgot, but because it's full of intrusive ads and pseudo-malware as reported by numerous other users. It's a good resource, but if you must use it, make sure you're blocking scripts. Firefox and uBlock are highly recommended.