TTS FAQ Macros

Containment Systems Failing...

One of the problems with a newbie-centered guide is that, by nature, new players don't always know about major community tools! So, how can we fix that?

Why, with a set of macros that provide in-game explanations to common questions, of course! This macros, designed to work with AutoHotKey, can be used by typing a string of the form ttskeyword while in-game (e.g. "ttscorruption") to insert a pre-written explanation into your chat box. They're designed to be short enough to fit in in-game chat while still providing as clear an explanation as possible, so that you don't have to type out such an explanation every time.

Note that inserting the text can cause a brief performance hiccup, so you don't want to do this when actively fighting if you can avoid it.

How to Use These Macros

1. Download the AHK file. If you have AutoHotkey installed already, you can use this script file, otherwise you can download this standalone .exe file.

2. Run either the script or the .exe before you start Path of Exile.

3. Type any of the hotstrings listed below to insert a pre-defined explanation.

The Hotstrings

You can find the full text of each within the downloaded file, of course, but a summary is provided here for ease of use.


Links back here.

TTSLink: Inserts a link to this site and a brief summary of what it is.

TTSMacroSource: Links to this site only by way of explaining where these macros come from.

Basic Information

Basic information that almost any new player will need to know, and that a large number of brand-new players tend to ask about.

TTSCorrupted: Gives a basic explanation of what "corrupted" means.

TTSMirrored: Gives a basic explanation of what "mirrored" means.

TTSTidal: Explains how to get to the Tidal Island.

TTSIdentify: Explains identifying items (and where to find/what to vendor for scrolls).

TTSScrolls: Explains how to get more Scrolls of Wisdom.

TTSGemVendors: Lists the vendors that sell skill gems.

TTSGemDismiss: Explains how to dismiss a gem levelup (and where to find it later).

TTSGemLevels: Explains that you usually want to level gems, and under what circumstances you wouldn't want to (like CWDT).

TTSGemDelevel: Explains how to lower a gem's level.

TTSDivExplain: Explains the basics of what a Divination Card is.

TTSChalCount: Explains those numbers next to peoples' names?

TTSLeagues: Explains the basics of POE's League system.

TTSQuality: Explains what quality does.

TTSCantFindParty: Explains how to get in to the same instance as your party.

TTSProphecies: Explains the basics of what Prophecies are and how they work.

TTSLootFilters: Explains Loot Filters and links to Filterblade.

Mechanics Explanations

Bandits, Burn vs Ignite, the confusing language of Controlled Destruction Support, and so on.

TTSBandits: Summarizes the Bandits and what sorts of builds might want to use each.

TTSBurnVsIgnite: Explains the difference between Burn and Ignite.

TTSControlledDestruction: Explains how Controlled Destruction Support works.

TTSMoreVsIncreased: Summarizes the differences between "More" and "Increased".

TTSCharges: Explains what Charges are and what they do.

TTSHideoutSize: Summarizes Master limits in hideouts and how to get a bigger one.

TTSResistPenalty: Explains the post-act-5 resist penalty.

Common Mistakes

Why isn't my Herald cursing stuff? Why won't my spells trigger when I crit?

TTSHeralds: Explains that Heralds' added damage isn't a hit and doesn't usually work with supports.

TTSCWDTLevel: Explains the level restriction of CWDT.

TTSCoCNoAttack: Explains that Cast on Critical Strike needs a linked Attack and a linked Spell.

TTSMinionMods: Explains what mods do or don't work with Minions.